We’re constantly adding new features and updates to AB Press Optimizer, usually on a monthly basis but sometimes longer depending on the size and complexity of the update.  Below is our current roadmap which lists all the things we’ll be working on with the plugin over the next year or so.  Please bear in mind this list is subject to change and priorities do shift depending on customer feedback, bugs and other things.  It is also not exhaustive and we may work on things not on this list as well.

Current Roadmap

  • Make it easier to setup experiments and use the shortcode.
  • Make it easy to test and see all the variations, i.e. like a preview experiment popup.
  • Easy way to use the shortcodes in text widgets.
  • Ability to reset experiment statistics.
  • Add Google Analytics integration.
  • Allow users to set winning variation live in just one click.
  • Allow optimizing of WooCommerce products.
  • Add easier testing of sidebars.
  • Add ability to test menus without having to use the PHP function.
  • Visually create A/B tests directly on page.  (This may end up as a separate extension due to the scope)
  • More documentation and help setting up and understanding A/B testing experiments.
  • Refactoring of software to allow easier extendability from 3rd parties. (Think plugins for the plugin!)
  • More statistics and different views on statistics


Have a suggestion for a new feature or update?  Email us at support@abpressoptimizer.com with details and we’ll add it to the roadmap.